new collective world building project "Samanumata"

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    • new collective world building project "Samanumata"

      At , a small group of geofictionists/worldbuilders/Weltenbastlers have started a new project under the provisional name "Samanumata" (not the world's name, by the way). This project aims for maximum realism , and hopes to achieve this by means of cooperation and a "sociocratic " decision procedure. The project intends to design a world (as much as possible) from scratch, and in that design process everything can (and perhaps will) be discussed and decisions are made only if no participant has reasonable objections. (The latter is roughly what "sociocratic decision-making" means.) Both the project's commitment to realism and its adherence to sociocratic decision-making imply that the freedom of participants is much more limited than in more typical collective conworlds.

      Currently, we're designing the solar system, but we're slowly moving on to physical geography. In the next month or months we are planning to simulate 500 million years or more of plate tectonics, leading to a realistic world map. Of course, not all participants are taking part in this. Some will only join in after physical geography, biogeography, and so forth are filled in. The nature of the project and its decision procedure is such that not everyone needs to take part in all discussions.

      Of course, the reason I'm posting in the Weltenbastler forum is to advertize the project. We'd welcome more participants to the project.

      The following pages give some more information about the project and its current state:
      * first proposal and response
      * first project newsletter
      * project forum

      If you have questions, you can also ask them here. I'll visit this forum every once in a while (I already did, by the way), to answer questions.
    • That sounds familiar.

      (All of our current 8 participants are also involved in other projects; some of them in very many. And for that reason, some will probably be less active than others. That's not really a problem in this project, of course, thanks to the cooperative aspect. There also a few potential participants, by the way, who haven't decided yet whether they will (be able to) participate, but who want to be kept up to date on progress in the project so they can decide later.)